Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Grey and Rainy..

It seems like every time I want to start holding myself accountable on my blog, I get distracted and don't do it as often as I'd like. I'm already 3 weeks behind, and I really want to be able to see where I came from at the end of this marathon training. It's always hard for me to remember how far I've come, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

As far as life is concerned, things have been crazy in those 3 weeks. First, I celebrated my 33rd birthday this past weekend (yay!) which kept me from updating, and actually getting in a good run. I also just went to my LAST grad class of my PhD program. I still have my dissertation to go, so I'm far from done, but this is a milestone. Its the type of milestone I was looking for in order to sign up and commit to training for a marathon in the first place :) No more hour long commutes each way to grad classes after long days at work! I'm totally stoked about this.

So all of this "personal" stuff that has gotten in the way (not to mention just crazy work hours last week), I've been doing my best to get moving.

Here's the recap of the last 3 weeks.

Tuesday, April 12th: 1.57 miles at the local park! 21:44 ~ pace = 13:49 min/mi
This particular run was okay. I ran with a friend who is considering a fall marathon and is essentially doing the same training plan that I am. She was hurting after a half marathon the prior Sunday (her first!) and so we kept it quite slow. It was just good to get outside and move something!

Thursday, April 14th: Road Runner Sports Adventure run! I have friends that love these things, but I just couldn't get into it. I couldn't open the map, I am not familiar with the surrounding area, and I just didn't know where to go. I was hoping for much more of a run, but I failed miserably at that. I might give them another shot, maybe, but overall I wasn't completely impressed.

Tuesday, April 19th: 1.50 mile hood run! 18:17 ~ pace = 12:11 min/mi
This particular run felt fantastic. It reminded me what I am capable of. I doubt myself and my ability to have any sort of speed or consistency, but this run felt great. It helped that the first half of the run was slightly downhill and I was able to keep a good pace as I turned around. I want to make all my runs more consistently at this pace rather than where I regularly am right now.

Wednesday, April 20th: 3.00 miles at the local park! 42:28 ~ pace = 14:09
This run was tough. I pushed hard for the first mile and held about a 12:35 pace. I was running with a speedy friend from BGR! and she kept me moving. It felt great, until my brain told me I was going to fast. Plus it was the furthest I had run in a LONG time. I know, 3 miles. I'll be laughing at that distance in a month or so, but this particular run was tough. I ended up walking quit a bit of the last mile and a half when my friend split off to do even more miles.

Sunday, April 24th: 3.01 miles! 40:23 ~ pace = 13:26 min/mi
I went back to an old favorite park! This run felt great. It was like going back home. Its an even better 3 mile route because its a figure eight path, so there's no out and back. I hate out and back. This run felt so good that I decided most of my 3 mile runs should be done there. It reminded me that my pace is very inconsistent but that I am capable of more than I've been doing.

Tuesday, May 3rd: 2.00 miles in my neighborhood! 27:02 ~ pace = 13:29 min/mi
This run was on a chilly, cloudy and damp afternoon. I did not want to get out and run and after the first mile my legs were cramping. I walked the next 0.25 miles to try to feel better and they started to. I ran most of the last 0.75 and by the time my run was over, I was thought I could keep going. This run also helped me see where my more consistent pace is right now.

How do you keep yourself accountable to your blog?