Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turkey Week Recap

So...maybe it wasn't the best of ideas to commit to holding myself accountable right around thanksgiving. I mean seriously, who does that.. Well I did. So I'm going to have to fess up with what I did (or didn't) do this week fitness wise.

To begin with: I'm participating in the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge AND the Runner's World Winter Running Streak in hopes that maybe I'll stick with it through New Years. For the most party I'm doing okay, however I still don't know how some people are getting so many points on the #HBBC. Oh well. This week also saw me signing up on Daily Mile as a way to compile all my various run tracking devices in nicely displayed graphs. In addition, I am doing a virtual half marathon and want to start getting out for 5am runs with a local group of women from Black Girls Run!

So here is my week, as pitiful as it was:

Sunday (11/18): 
I didn't run, but I was on my feet all day. My family makes just over 1,000 raviolis by hand for the holiday season and this year it was this past Sunday. It was a long day of cooking, making raviolis, and spending quality time with family. I wouldn't say that it was a wasted day at all. Maybe I'll just call it a rest day!

Monday (11/19): 
Today I knew I had to get out there and do something so I walked around during work and banged out a mile. Only one, and not as good as running, but any movement is better than nothing and I told myself I had to do something. And something is always better than nothing.

Tuesday (11/20): 
I had a little bit of time between job #1 and job #2 of the day so I went ahead and ran a mile. Only 1, and it was on the treadmill, but again I am working on getting out and doing something almost every day.

Wednesday (11/21): 
This turned into a rest day. Not because I didn't have the time, but because I was exhausted from shopping for Thanksgiving and knew I had a long week still ahead of me. I relaxed for the afternoon, but did dance for a while when I went out with family and friends that evening. Score for creative movement!

Thursday (11/22):
I snuck in a quick treadmill run again. Only to justify the food fest that was going to happen later on in the afternoon. I also made sure I walked around as much as possible.

Friday (11/23): 
Again, just 1 mile...something is becoming habit forming, when it really shouldn't be. Oh well... I guess 1 mile is better than nothing. I did spend the whole day cooking and cleaning for family day #4 of the week...this time at my place.

Saturday (11/24): 
Saturday was a good day to relax. My boyfriend and I ran errands and just got stuff done. Another Rest Day!

Sunday (11/25): 
Today was the most exciting day of the running week! The bf and I did our first interval workout for his training for the Walt Disney World half marathon and it was fantastic.  We ran 3 minutes and rested for 1 minute. The intervals were a bit slow for me, but this training is more for him than me. He pushed his heart out for an hour and completed 4.76 miles. I am super proud of him and got in a half way decent run. Here's to hoping he continues his progress since I feel like he's behind schedule for his training. Then again, I probably am too.. But that race is completely for fun.

Total Running Mileage for the week: 7.76 miles. Not bad, definitely not great. Here's to hoping it gets better!

Until next time...

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